What is Deeplinking?

Deeplinking is the act of linking to a webpage within a website, or to a section of a mobile app, rather than to that website's homepage or to that app's default screen.

Deeplinking.net is Sean Flannagan’s public notebook. It's been around a while.

Who is Sean Flannagan?

Sean Flannagan

Hello! That's me. I'm a product maker living in San Francisco. I like to try to make products that people love.

I've helped build and grow Etsy and Wanelo. Now I'm working on something new, and helping a few fast-growing companies. I love every aspect of developing an effective product. I'm particularly interested in ecommerce, marketplaces and mobile, as well as rare books, meditation, architecture, history, Whole Earth Catalog ephemera and a host of other things that aren't obviously related.

You can find me on Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Angellist, Product Hunt, Quibb, GitHub, SoundCloud, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram, as well as Etsy and Wanelo and email: hi@seanflannagan.com.