What is Deeplinking?

Deeplinking is the act of linking to a webpage within another website, or to a section of a mobile app, rather than to that website's homepage or to that app's default screen.

Deeplinking.net is Sean Flannagan’s public notebook. It's been up since like 2003.

Who is Sean Flannagan?

Sean FlannaganHey that's me.

I've helped build and grow services like Etsy and Wanelo. I collect rare books and Whole Earth Catalog parodies. I used to live in the East Village and now I live in Haight-Ashbury (having read this book), with a dog and a cat with their own hashtags. I'm a zealous Rhode Island history buff. I get energized helping small businesses grow and making complex things easy to grok. And while I hate bios written in the third person, I'm not so comfortable using "I" all the time either.

Very much into ecommerce, marketplaces, market networks, product design, building apps and growing businesses.

Active on Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, LinkedIn, Angellist, Product Hunt, GitHub, Quibb, Snapchat (seanan11), SoundCloud, YouTube, Vine, Steller, Flickr and Instagram, as well as Etsy and Wanelo.

And totally emailable: hi@seanflannagan.com.