What is Deeplinking?

Deeplinking is the act of linking to a webpage within a website, or to a section of a mobile app, rather than to that website's homepage or to that app's default screen.

Deeplinking.net is Sean Flannagan’s public notebook.

Who is Sean Flannagan?

Sean Flannagan

(It me.) I'm a product maker from Rhode Island ⚓️ who used to live in New York🗽 and is now living in San Francisco 🌤 . I like to make products that people love to use, and I love growing small businesses.

I've helped build and grow Etsy and Wanelo. Now I'm working on Distribute and more, and helping a few fast-growing companies. Marketplaces, market networks and direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands are big interests of mine. I also like skateboarding, rare books and meditation.


You can reach me at hi@seanflannagan.com.

You can also find me on Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Angellist, Product Hunt, GitHub, SoundCloud, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram, as well as Etsy and Wanelo.