The Perfect Product Page

The product page—that all-important detail page on an ecommerce site where you purchase a product—is an undervalued content format. I see a huge variety of them nowadays »

Cool Stores

I'm inspired by the stores I've been finding lately []. I've written about cool independent stores [] before, but the frequency of »

So You Want to Sell Products on the Internet

Great! It's getting dramatically easier to do so every few months, and the playing field keeps getting leveled. There's also a rapidly evolving set of best practices worth paying »

The Discovery of Fascinating Objects

It's not very cool to say so but the Flickr iPhone app [] is the most addictive app on my »

More Richly Interpretable Information

Wanelo [] gets a lot of press in high school [] and college [] newspapers, which »

The Company Your Company Keeps

If you have an app or web service out there with a rapidly increasing number of people using it, one of the most interesting things in the world for »

Please Don't Use the S-word

I was interviewed by Sandi MacPherson [] the other day for Quibb [], which is gradually growing into something really great. Here’s the »

Small Stores, Big Ideas

I discover a lot of small independent stores through Wanelo. These are relatively small operations, larger than your average Etsy shop or eBay business, but much smaller than your »

My Wanelo Feed Erupted with Goodness Last Night

This natural event occurred because we began surfacing the individual shops behind the hundreds of thousands of products from Etsy [] that have been posted to »

The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces

Narrated by William H. Whyte [] in 1980. Classic, and strangely familiar if you work in product, and/or skateboard. »