The Perfect Product Page

The product page—that all-important detail page on an ecommerce site where you purchase a product—is an undervalued content format. I see a huge variety of them nowadays »

Cool Stores

I'm inspired by the stores I've been finding lately. I've written about cool independent stores before, but the frequency of my encounters with them has increased dramatically and the »

So You Want to Sell Products on the Internet

Great! It's getting dramatically easier to do so every few months, and the playing field keeps getting leveled. There's also a rapidly evolving set of best practices worth paying »

The Discovery of Fascinating Objects

It's not very cool to say so but the Flickr iPhone app is the most addictive app on my phone at the moment after Wanelo. The kind of app »

More Richly Interpretable Information

Wanelo gets a lot of press in high school and college newspapers, which appear to be thriving. I did an interview for one recently that’s print-only—The Arrowhead »

The Company Your Company Keeps

If you have an app or web service out there with a rapidly increasing number of people using it, one of the most interesting things in the world for »

Please Don't Use the S-word

I was interviewed by Sandi MacPherson the other day for Quibb, which is gradually growing into something really great. Here’s the post and here’s the repost: What »

Small Stores, Big Ideas

I discover a lot of small independent stores through Wanelo. These are relatively small operations, larger than your average Etsy shop or eBay business, but much smaller than your »

My Wanelo Feed Erupted with Goodness Last Night

This natural event occurred because we began surfacing the individual shops behind the hundreds of thousands of products from Etsy that have been posted to Wanelo by members. Members »