The New Wanelo

It’s generally considered pretty risky to rewrite, redesign, rebuild, rebrand and relaunch [] a service that’s just started to »

The Discovery Problem

There are a lot of really awesome and well-made things being sold by creative businesses these days. Things you do not know you want until you see them, because »


[] Yesterday my Prismatic [] feed, which has somehow transmuted my Twitter account data into an unbelievably compelling news source, led »

Noted: Grouped

Paul Adams []‘ book Grouped [] contains a lot of clear, rational sentences about human social behavior. They aren’ »

Sharing vs. Selling

[] So if sharing online is about validation [], what if the objects being shared are for sale, and »


Refavorited [] is a Tumblelog (do people still say that?) where my favorites from Etsy [], SoundCloud [ »

Etsy Book Picks

[] A Pinterest pinboard [] I can’t help but add to a few times a day, though Etsy »

Be Good

[] If you start from successful startups, you find they often behaved like nonprofits. And if you start from ideas for nonprofits, you »

Foraging and Activity Feeds

[] I came across this post on Quora on “Lévy-flight personalization” and optimizing Quora’s activity feed for novelty-seeking users [http://www.quora. »