Street Scrabble Training

I didn’t want to admit it to myself before, but I’ve been in training for my street Scrabble debut in the northwest corner of Washington Square Park. Anagramming, stocking up on brain supplements, the works. Scrabulous on Facebook is wholly to blame. That and the movie [Word Wars]( players.htm), which features Marlon Hill, my favorite Pan-Africanist Scrabble player; G.I. Joel Sherman, who’s currently getting the profile treatment by my friend Tom Brennan; and three-time National Scrabble Champion Joe Edley, who will be leading a Scrabble master class at the 92nd Street Y November 4. Read all about him on the 92Y Blog.

That’s an animated gif above of Joe Edley’s 2000 championship game vs. Brian Cappelletto. It’ll stop looping once you get a feel for the blistering rhythm of championship Scrabble gameplay. You can learn from the masters with the NSA’s annotated Scrabble games.