Weblogs: The Stats

The Newshour on Blogs

Number of new weblogs launched per day, according to Terrence Smith’s report on the NewsHour last night: 2,160

Number of professional journalists with personal weblogs who have recently been forced to stop blogging by their employers, according to Mark Glaser’s latest column: 3

Average American newspaper reporter’s base salary, [according to Salary.com](http://swz.salary.com/salarywizard/layoutscripts/swzl_compresult.asp?zipcode=&metrocode=&statecode=&state=&metro=&city=&geo=U.S. National Averages&jobcode=CM02000021&jobtitle=Reporter II&search=&narrowdesc=Media -- Print&narrowcode=CM01&isforcompanalyst=1&geocode=&geotypecode=geometro&prevgeotypecode=geometro&prevnarrowcode=CM01&isrefresh=1&r=saltitleselectbasic&p=&jobcodeedit=CM02000021), in dollars: 31,092

Estimated amount of money made per year by Matt Drudge’s Drudge Report Web site, according to Business 2.0 magazine, in dollars: 800,000